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Make Your Product Information Smarter

A Big Welcome to my site.  Do you produce product information catalogs, manuals or brochures for your own products or for someone else’s ?

I invite you to watch this short video about how to optimise your product information using some librarians tips to ensure your product marketing effort gives you payback.

 This can save you thousands and make you thousands of dollars.  Just US$37 for your brochures and  product information and all round communication information tips including how to send a professional email.

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10 Tips for Effective Business Cards and Business Card Size

Make Your Info Smarter business card frontEven with all our digital business tools, your business card, especially your business card size, is still a massively important marketing tool.

And often, when designing a card the first thing many people change is the business card size.

Apart from being able to hand it to someone, a very simple but very significant action, your business card is an understated, yet profound meaningful  gesture of goodwill. You can place them about, and leave them behind you in many circumstances….leave them to work for you in your absence.

Of course business cards have to be good looking and eye-catching, but don’t let the form overwhelm the function. I believe your business card size is very important.

You might be tempted to experiment with non- standard size business cards. But that might be a mistake.


the standard business card size is just one of those things that works better. After all, it is an established standard, and therefore your standard size business cards fit…..

  • wallets
  • desk accessories
  • business cards holders
  • catalog pockets

that many….yes many! people still have as an information resource.

Here’s some points I believe are vital to making  your business card work hard and be your business buddy.

  • Keep it close to the standard business card size.
  • Landscape format is better.
  • Make it easy to read everything on it.
  • Use both sides to promote yourself and your product.
  • Make it a Business (information) Card, not just a Name Card.
  • Always use it to define and explain what your business does.
  • Make it easy to write on. Not too glossy or coated.
  • Leave some space to make a note and personalize your card for a recipient.
  • Be generous with them. Don’t just staple one to a document.
  • Put more than in in your catalog.

You can find lots more ‘coal-face’ information marketing tips in my special

‘ Make Your Info Smarter’ guide.    Get your copy now.

It’s time to check that your Business Card is really your hard working and informative Business Card. It’s time to think about your business card size and also get the advantage of my all other business card and product marketing tips.

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