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Welcome to Better Product Information

Make Your Product Information Smarter

A Big Welcome to my site.  Do you produce product information catalogs, manuals or brochures for your own products or for someone else’s ?

I invite you to watch this short video about how to optimise your product information using some librarians tips to ensure your product marketing effort gives you payback.

 This can save you thousands and make you thousands of dollars.  Just US$37 for your brochures and  product information and all round communication information tips including how to send a professional email.

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Are Your Samples Really Working For You?

We all know that preparing product samples for your clients is time consuming.

And, we know too, that customers often want  samples instantly, or even yesterday!  Please resist the temptation to send them out or deliver them incomplete.

Always, always, always brand and name your product samples correctly with their model, range, color or any other product ID.  MOST IMPORTANTLY – ALWAYS BRAND THEM.

If you don’t identify them, once that initial, immediate rush is over, unless you collect them and then properly ID them…. samples are wasted.  People move on….and all your ‘service’ is lost unless you have branded and identified each and every one of your product samples and its components.

Just think about it,  a meeting today!  and suddenly the specifier decides, yes! we do need a sample.  You rush it over without branding it… good move… but a short term one.  Brand it and ID it and your product samples will stay working for you over and over again in the clients office for a long time.

There are many ways to make your product samples smart.  My Make Your Info Smarter guide gives you many smart ways to optimise  your product samples and all your communications and contacts with your clients.

   and optimise your product samples to make them  be your 24/7 saleperson inside your client office.

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Be Sure Your Product Information is Being Used by Your Customer

Are you sure your customer is using your product information?

Do you want to ensure your customer reaches for your product information catalogue instead of your competitors?

22 Easy, Quick Ways to Make Your Info Smarter.

Get your company or yourself this unique and specific, short, sharp, succinct guide to take you the next step on from the graphic design of your product information. 22 tips you need to know before you go to print. It only deals with things you need to consider about how your product information is stored and used in your client’s office. It gives you details that your graphic designer or your printer just do not think or know about.

Written by a Commercial Librarian,it tells you how to maximise your brochure or catalogue investment and greatly improve the ‘keepability’ of this product information/data/specifications material. These catalogues, books and brochures cost you a considerable amount of time and money to produce. They need to function, they need to represent you in the best possible light, and they need to work hard for you.

MAKE YOUR INFO SMARTER – yes, this product information guide will help you GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME.

It is a no-nonsense short, sharp, succinct reference for anyone who wants to communicate their product attributes efficiently, effectively and professionally to their end-users.

The presentation and design of your product information is an integral part of your product marketing mix, and as such, it is a vitally important ‘representative’ of your company.

Make Your Info Smarter gives you an insight as to what needs to happen when your product information material arrives in your customer’s office. Your user needs to be able to repeatedly file it and find it, easily. Then you know they will be selecting your product information rather than your competitors

It is quick and easy to read and not padded out with unnecessary information.

You will be able to quickly reference and review items and learn about issues and opportunities such as:

  • Learn How To Maximise Free Advertising Space Available For Your Product Information
    The Most Important Finishing Touches
    Good Impressions – Dont Loose That first Contact
    What You Need to Do With the Spine of Your Catalogue or Brochure
    What Type of Folder or Container …Size Does Matter?
    How to Make Your Product information Stand Up, Stand Out and Stand Strong
    A Case Study …. A Marketing/Packaging Example
    Dating Your Product Information
    Communicating your Updates
    Quick Fixes
    Stapling Tips, Bet You Have Never Considered This !
    Smarten up Your  Samples
    Industry Classifications

Yours for $37, a small price to pay

for such valuable information that could save you thousands.

 I have worked in commercial libraries for over ten years. Every day I receive product information and technical data which I know has cost heaps and heaps! of money and time to compile, design, ‘manufacture’ , to say nothing of the distribution costs, ……..but, if it doesn’t function well enough…. IT WILL BE PUT ASIDE, AND LATER IT WILL BE TRASHED.


Here’s a testimonial from a user of my guide.

Dear Wendy

“You don’t know what you don’t know” comes to mind as I write this testimonial.
Until I received your information pack on “Making Your Information Smarter”, I was naively distributing vast amounts of material that broke all your rules. I subsequently followed your advice to the letter and some months later we now have a presentable, concise, easy to use document that is functional and hard-wearing.

Even though Graffiti Solutions Ltd is N.Z’s leading specialist in graffiti control,
we lacked expertise in marketing ourselves to potential specifiers of our systems.

This exercise to rethink, compile, produce and distribute our new catalogue has been significant for a specialist company such as ourselves, but we firmly believe it is the best way to achieve our aims. I’m confident now that my time is spent in the most effective manner. Graffiti Solutions has optimised the opportunities presented by having a presence in many architectural practices and the goal is to have a personally-delivered catalogue in every relevant office by the end of the year.

Thank you for taking the initiative to make initial contact with me.
Your advice has been worth its weight in gold.

Kind Regards, Ann Jones. Specifier Representative. Graffiti Solutions Ltd

Have you considered that your product information might be difficult to accommodate on a shelf, or it might not easily integrate into an existing catalogue, does it stand up? …. all sorts of difficulties (often minor) that mean your time and money, and the future of your product, gets put on a pile or in the too hard basket! yes it gets trashed !!!

Find out for yourself. It will improve you professional expertise too. The solutions to successful product information are simple and easy.

You will be delighted how easy it is to vastly improve your product information with

Make Your Info Smarter…… just $37


Plus ….Your Free Bonuses with Purchase –

Here’s more Valuable Marketing Information For You.

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Please ensure the $1000’s of you spend on product information is not wasted

Make Your Info Smarter, just $37


              Thank You

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