Even more Information.

I have added another section to my Make Your Info Smarter guide.

It’s about email marketing.  How to send out an information email that your recipient is interested to open, because you have made a c0nnection straight away.

Everyone gets lots of emails everyday, if you don’t get your ID and your subject right, as well your content, you will lose them!

As  well as emailing, you will find out how to get the little details right that will make your information mail out professional, respectful and very user friendly.

Details such as good ID, where to put your logo, what container for your information,  adding new material to your existing, what colors to use, and many more really important details to make your info smarter  ensure your money is not wasted.

Delight your clients with well thought out and easy to use product information . Get your copy of the guide now and show your clients that your are professional and savvy with your information material, your products and your company service.  You can get your copy now..

After all…. your product information sits in their office 24/7 and it is your salesperson on site ! and yes, it better be smart because your product information sits right next to your competitors!!

Make Your Info Smarter 22 Tips for information amd email marketing