Your business card is one of your salespeople. Give it lots of information to pass on.

Try to make every contact with your customer an informative and  professional one. It wont take much extra time, and …remember what your mother told you…do it once and do it right.

Is your business card  just a name card or a real smart communication device in the form of a business card?

If your business card has only your name and your company name on it. You are missing out on a huge opportunity to get peoples attention at the first chance. Your card should give as much information as possible about your business, and all the contact details should be on one side. Use the back of your business card as well.  This often wasted area gives space for your second tier sales pitch. And finally, make the type easy to read.

Particularly if your company name does not explain what your company does. For example,  if you are in the home technology field and your company name is … Technology Today.  You need to explain what that means on your business card. Is it technology for the office? for the car? for traffic lights, what?

Your business card should include an explanation of what your business is and what solution it will give.

Wendy Kerr. Director. Technology Today. Making Your Home Function with Intelligence and Ease…..or something like that.

As we now know, with google in our lives, keywords are king. In an ideal world you business name and your website etc would ideally  be a name that reflects and explains what your business is and what it does.

MYIS business card image front

Make yours a business card that leaves very few questions unanswered for the recipient. That way, when they look at it again they know exactly why they kept it.

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