We all know that preparing product samples for your clients is time consuming.

And, we know too, that customers often want  samples instantly, or even yesterday!  Please resist the temptation to send them out or deliver them incomplete.

Always, always, always brand and name your product samples correctly with their model, range, color or any other product ID.  MOST IMPORTANTLY – ALWAYS BRAND THEM.

If you don’t identify them, once that initial, immediate rush is over, unless you collect them and then properly ID them…. samples are wasted.  People move on….and all your ‘service’ is lost unless you have branded and identified each and every one of your product samples and its components.

Just think about it,  a meeting today!  and suddenly the specifier decides, yes! we do need a sample.  You rush it over without branding it… good move… but a short term one.  Brand it and ID it and your product samples will stay working for you over and over again in the clients office for a long time.

There are many ways to make your product samples smart.  My Make Your Info Smarter guide gives you many smart ways to optimise  your product samples and all your communications and contacts with your clients.

   and optimise your product samples to make them  be your 24/7 saleperson inside your client office.